The ultimate purpose of Mercker Solutions: To help people live a better life; To make the world a better place. See Concept for details.

Services include:

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An Unbiased Opinion

A one hour brainstorming session is complimentary for businesses and individuals who want to explore ideas, issues, or the possibilities of the life management program.

Business Start Up

All facets of business start up are offered to include: market research, business planning, basic graphic arts materials, management mentoring and problem resolution


Risk Management

The process looks for issues before they become problems. Early identification of potential problems is the key to prevention.

Leadership Mentoring

Develop managers to fill higher level positions by performing  multilevel evaluations and observations.


Training Program Development

We review business operations with employee input to develop ongoing training programs that increase employee effectiveness.

Graphic Arts Support

Basic graphic design and production for business start up and training workshops. Materials  include: logo, business card, letterhead, web site, slide show, training workbooks, digital photography, video and photo manipulation.


Individual Life Management

In the program one can set goals in each area of life; work, relationships, finance, leisure and health. This will facilitate the planning and tracking of life goals that allow you to take charge of your life.

Health Dietary Supplements

Mercker Solutions endorses the all natural dietary supplements produced by Zija International.  Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Zija International is a nutritional food supplements company in the multi-level marketing industry. The company's product line consists of weight management, skin care, liquid nutritional, energy, and performance supplements. Zija International generates $136.8 million in global revenue each year. Check out the web site...